Texas State Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Has Been Fired

Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland fired.

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Last month Texas State trooper Brian Encinia was indicted for perjury in the death of Sandra Bland. Following the indictment the Associated Press reported Encinia would be terminated from his post, but he wasn't. Yesterday the Department of Public Safety officially fired Encinia. 

A Waller County grand jury indicted Encinia after it found he lied about the events that transpired when he pulled over Bland on July 10, 2015. Encinia pulled Bland over after she didn't signal during a lane change. According to Encinia, Bland was "combative and uncooperative," but the jury found that to be false. Encinia also said he removed Bland from her vehicle in order to continue with the traffic investigation, but that was also proven to be false.

Dash cam footage from Encinia's car that was later released showed him holding a stun gun and yelling, "I will light you up!" at Bland when she wouldn't get out of her car. Bland was arrested and found hanged three days later in her jail cell. Her death was ruled a suicide. 

Encinia's perjury indictment could force him to pay upwards of a $4,000 fine and a year in jail. 

Encinia was fired Public Safety Director Steven McCraw stated in a letter of termination for having "not rebutted the charges set out" against him in January. The Huffington Post reports that besides perjury the charges included, "failing to act courteously during his July traffic stop of Bland, prolonging her detention" and "violating general orders." 

The letter states Encinia may be able to appeal the termination.

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