People Not Getting Lucky on St. Patrick's Day Are Driving 'Leprechaun Porn' Searches up 8000 Percent

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with leprechaun-themed adult videos.

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Who is anyone to judge people's porn preferences, even if those preferences were to include clowns shooting silly string. A state by state breakdown of the most popular porn searches shows people are really into women on women action (obviously), specifically looking for "step sister" and "step mom" content. Americans also like to get into the holiday spirit, data shows, with searches for Thanksgiving porn including "Thanksgiving blowjob" and "Walmart" because consumerism amirite? The same goes for St. Patrick's Day. Pornhub reports an 8000 percent increase for "leprechaun porn" searches in the days before the holiday.

Let's backtrack for a sec and think about how not sexy leprechauns are in pop culture. The most well-known leprechaun is on a box of "kids" cereal after all and as Bro Biblepoints out the small, red-haired men are creepy in the horror comedy Leprechaun (which would eventually serve as a stepping stone for Jennifer Aniston). This of course gets proven wrong after a quick search for "sexy leprechaun costume" leading to a sea of thotties in head-to-toe green ensembles and the aforementioned leprechaun porn, of course. 

According to the Mirror Online, Pornhub searches for leprechaun porn skyrocketed 8,142 percent in the days before St. Patty's last year with this year set to do the same.   

A Pornhub spokesman told the Mirror Online: "We checked to see what search terms increase significantly in the days surrounding St Patrick's Day," he said. "Believe it or not, some people do search 'leprechaun' throughout the year, but it goes up 8,142 per cent and 'St Patrick's Day' goes up 6,177 per cent."

Other popular terms in the days before are: 'Irish redhead', 'Irish cougar', 'Celtic', 'Clover' and 'green hair.' Searches with "luck" or "lucky" reportedly rose over 200 percent before the holiday.  

If you don't bring someone home at the end of a long day of wearing a Kiss Me I'm Irish shirt while you're out with your crew getting trashed, at least you'll know you have Pornhub. 

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