Woman Reportedly Pretended to be FBI Agent to Get Free Chick-fil-A Meal

A woman went to the same Chick-Fil-A location in Georgia for a week, where she pretended to be an FBI agent in order to score a complimentary meal.

chick fil a fbi

Image via Getty/ Alex Wong

chick fil a fbi

Chick-fil-A is apparently so good, a Georgia woman was willing to get arrested for a free bite.

The Charlotte Observerreports that Kimberly Ragsdale posed as an FBI agent to score complimentary food from employees, and was later arrested and charged for impersonating a public officer.

Officers say that the 47-year-old also tried to deceive local police during her arrest last week. She feigned speaking into a radio that was purportedly hidden under her shirt, advising the FBI to send someone to help her. She also claimed that her FBI credentials were only available digitally when authorities asked for her identification.

This time around, employees called the police after her most recent attempt to get a free meal, according to a police report. She was booked in jail on Nov. 5 and released on a $3,000 bail after two days behind bars.

“We are thankful for the observant and professional staff at CFA who knew what to do and gathered the info needed for us to make our case and catch her in the act,” Police Chief Randy Turner said in a statement. “We would like to inform our citizens to call 911 if someone is claiming to be an officer if they aren’t in a marked car, or in a proper uniform, or if they don’t have the proper credentials.”

Turner said Ragsdale has been trying to get complimentary meals from the fast food chain all week, also threatening to arrest the workers who turned her down. Turner said officers “appreciate” free or discounted meals but won’t “make threats and demand it.”

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