NYC Cops Will be Banned from Pride Until At Least 2025

The New York City Pride group has announced that the NYPD and all law enforcement will be banned from the NYC Pride march until at least 2025.


Image via Getty/Drew Angerer


The New York Police Department has been banned from the New York City Pride parade until at least 2025.

NYC Pride issued a statement, saying they encourage authorities to “acknowledge their harm and to correct course moving forward,” according to KTLA. “The sense of safety that law enforcement is meant to provide can instead be threatening, and at times dangerous, to those in our community who are most often targeted with excessive force and/or without reason.”

Pride is looking to have all law enforcement stationed a block away from the perimeter of the event, which takes place in June. In lieu of police presence, the group will boost the security budget and opt for community-based security and first responders. Police will supply first response and security “only when absolutely necessary as mandated by city officials,” the group said.

The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) wasn’t too happy with Pride’s plan, calling the ban “shameful.”

“Their response to activist pressure is to take the low road by preventing their fellow community members from celebrating their identities and honoring the shared legacy of the Stonewall Riots,” Detective Brian Downey said in a statement. He said that while he recognizes the group is suspicious of the police, GOAL is about “building bridges.” Every year, approximately 200 members and their families take part in the march.

Last year, due to the pandemic, NYC Pride hosted its events virtually. Some events will be in person and others virtual for Pride 2021.

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