Video Shows 4 vs. 1 Fight at Baltimore Airport's Spirit Airlines Check-In Desk

A representative for Spirit Airlines said the four employees involved were employed by a third-party service and have since been suspended.

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A wild video recorded in Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport shows a four vs. one brawl that went down at the Spirit Airlines check-in desk.

In the video published by TMZ, a man appeared to get into an altercation with employees at the check-in desk that escalated into physical violence. The four individuals, who seemingly had Spirit-branded clothing on, all started swinging at the man after he got in a fighting stance. It's unclear what started the confrontation, but the four men who came from behind the check-in counter ended it by pinning the man to the ground. He took a series of punches and kicks as he was on the ground.

The Maryland Transportation Authority reportedly responded to the incident, which happened on Tuesday, May 28. Authorities have identified the five people involved. One of the individuals suffered minor injuries in the scuffle. A representative for Spirit Airlines said that the four men were employees of a third-party service, which has since suspended them pending the results of an internal investigation.

Airplane and airport freak-outs have seemingly been on the rise in the past year, with countless videos showing passengers having outbursts.

Just last month, a video taken at Los Angeles International Airport showed a woman complaining to WestJet after Delta booked her on a flight the following the day after she missed her flight. "Get me up on the next motherfucking flight, seriously!" the unidentified woman yelled, slamming her fist on the counter. "And pay for that shit!" The video then shows that she didn't notice she was complaining to WestJet, not Delta.

That same month, a woman was forcibly removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after she had a bizarre meltdown and compared herself to George Floyd.

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