Dad's Unimpressed Reaction to Daughter's Homecoming Proposal Goes Viral

The young girl's father didn't look too happy about the proposal.


He was just cool with the kid before it was go time 😭🤣 #hocoproposal #freshman #volleyball #tiktok #dadsoftiktok #letuspray

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One father's reaction to his young daughter getting a homecoming proposal in a school gym has gone viral on TikTok.

In a video first shared on the social media app by @kyraj07, a high school student was seen sheepishly asking a girl to homecoming right in front of her father. While homecoming and prom proposals going viral is nothing new, what made this one stand out is the reaction of her father, who seemed unimpressed with the situation. "He was just cool with the kid before it was go time," the caption for the video added.

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After the video got hundreds of reactions and over three million views, @kyraj07 shared some updates on the situation. First, we got a post showing the two before they went to homecoming together. Hilariously, it provided everyone with another unimpressed reaction from her father, who posed between them for a photo.


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There was also an update on what his proposal sign said. "Every frog needs a princess, will you been mine at homecoming," read the sign. The video added that the girl's favorite movie is the 2009 Disney musical The Princess and the Frog.


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Reactions on X, formerly Twitter, ranged from applauding the boy for his bravery to highlighting his outfit choice. One such tweet suggested the boy, dressed in a pink du-rag and a tank top, looked like he was ready to show up for a Jadakiss music video. Others suggested that he should've given it a second go, because he didn't really hold up his sign and instead seemingly passed it to her.

Either way, it seems as though she was allowed to go to homecoming with him, even if her father didn't seem all that happy about it. Check out some of the reactions to the viral post below.

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