Benzino Rips 50 Cent, Compares Him to 6ix9ine by Claiming He Was ‘First Hip-Hop Rat’

The latest target of 50 Cent’s ire is media personality and rapper Benzino, and now he’s hit back and accused Fif of being the “first hip-hop rat."

benzino story about 50 Cent

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benzino story about 50 Cent

The latest target of 50 Cent’s ire is media personality and rapper Benzino, and now he’s hit back and accused the G-Unit founder of being “the first hip-hop rat.”

In an appearance on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast from TMZ, Benzino appeared to confirm he plans to take legal action against 50 Cent, and compared him unfavorably to 6ix9ine.

“We’re just going to talk the facts with this man, because again I can’t say too much because it’s getting ready to go down,” the 56-year-old told Harper, confirming he has “a whole lawyer team” ready to take on Fif, 46.

“Everybody that defamed and slandered me is getting ready to get sued. Every single site, every radio guy, every personality, they’re all about to be liable,” he continued. “Back on this guy…we’re talking about a man that I once helped, that after he had a situation at the Hit Factory, when he got stabbed, he came to my studio that was not even a block down…he came in my session and I actually called him a car service to get him to the hospital so he can get stitched up.”

Benzino claimed he helped 50 Cent safely get out of that situation, which happened in 2000 at New York City’s Hit Factory studio. “I didn’t even know him, I heard of him,” he added. “But we’re talking about a man that is on paperwork ratting. We’re talking about a man whose lyrics, that was using federal indictments to indict a bunch of people. … He’s the first 6ix9ine. You know, like, the first hip-hop rat. That’s a fact. Now he’s gone on to do great things. … He filed paperwork against Murder Inc.”  

Ja Rule has made similar claims about 50 Cent in the past, which Fif has denied. TMZ reported in 2019 that law enforcement sources said those same documents, presumably the ones Benzino is referring to, were fake.

Benzino’s comments come amid a prolonged back-and-forth between him and 50 Cent, with Fif attempting to expose the former for his alleged past romance with trans actress Shauna Brooks. 50 has repeatedly shared transphobic memes that target both Brooks and Benzino. The latter also recently did a song entitled “Zino vs. the Planet,” in which he speaks on his feud with 50 Cent and his recent issues with his daughter Coi Leray.

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