The 10 Schools That'll Leave You With the Most Debt

Harvard isn’t on the list.

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With college admissions underway, students and their families across the country are weighing the pros and cons of colleges and universities to pick which is the best option for them. There are a number of factors to consider: tuition costs, distance, rankings, but one factor that's increasingly important is student debt.

Americans owe a combined $1.3 trillion in student debt. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans owe more for higher education than we do for any other type of household debt except for mortgages. That debt might be hard to consider alongside other things like, for example, which colleges have the best parties or the biggest dorm rooms, but it matters. Along with the financial burdens student debt brings, it can also cause mental health issues and limit career choices, even dictate where graduates can afford to live.

U.S. News & World Report, the leading voice in college rankings, did some digging and came up with a list of schools where graduates leave with the most debt and the results were kind of surprising. What they found were students not saddled with debt from the their time in the Ivy League or other schools we might think of as pricey, but a mix of schools that have high tuition but limited financial aid, leaving their students to take out loans far beyond the national average to pay for school. Here are the 10 schools that left their graduates oweing the most.

MacMurray College (IL) $50,039

Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA) $48,980

Wheelock College (MA) $46,690

Mount Ida College (MA) $46,430

Quinnipiac University (CT) $45,711

Pacific Union College (CA) $45,390

Dean College (MA) $44,063

Abilene Christian University (TX) $43,841

University of New Haven (CT) $43,472

Curry College (MA) $43,388

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