15 Powerful Images From the State of Emergency In Charlotte

Demonstrations against police brutality in Charlotte have already claimed the life of one protester and are expected to continue through the weekend.

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After news broke that 43-year old Keith Lamont Scott was killed at the hands of law enforcement in Charlotte, North Carolina, protests erupted on Tuesday and remain in the national spotlight.

The ongoing standoff between police officers and citizens demonstrating against racist police brutality has already taken the life of one protester. Twenty-six-year-old Justin Carr was shot at the protest on Wednesday night and was confirmed dead on Thursday, according to WCNC. Two other citizens were also hospitalized during the protests. On Thursday evening, the city of Charlotte announced it would implement a a curfew starting midnight on Friday, keeping citizens indoors from midnight until 6 a.m.

With video surfacing of the moments leading up to Scott's death, protests are expected to continue into the weekend. Here are 15 on-the-ground photos of this historic moment in protest and national racial discourse: 

A policeman tries to put out a fire on the I-85.
A fire set by protesters burns near a bus on the I-85 (Interstate 85) during protests
Police face off with demonstrators on I-85.
Protesters tossing cargo from tractor trailers onto a fire on I-85​
Residents gather for a vigil for Keith Lamont Scott.
Police and protesters carry a wounded demonstrator.
Demonstrated comfort a wounded protester.
Police clash with protesters.
Protesters raise fists outside Charlotte Police department.
Protesters taunt riot police during a demonstration.
Protester's sign
A man looks at blood on the sidewalk.
Police officer in riot gear in front of vandalized storefront.
A police officer attempts to grab a demonstrator.
A wounded woman smears her blood on police riot shield.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged the Charlotte demonstrations at a press conference Thursday, saying that they've put America's racial tensions back in the spotlight. 

“And the events in Charlotte and in Tulsa, Oklahoma, earlier this week once again have underscored the divisions that persist between law enforcement officers and the communities that we serve, particularly communities of color," Lynch said, according to the Charlotte Observer

She concluded that while she condemns violence, she supports citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest: "And those who are exercising the most fundamental of freedoms we hear your voices and we feel your pain."

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