Mexican TV Station Accidentally Shows Pair of Testicles During Eclipse Broadcast

There’s nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the balls.

Total solar eclipse with corona visible, set against dark sky
Charles Wollertz / Getty Images

A large, glowing orange sun is in the center of a black sky. The sun is surrounded by a dark circle, which is the shadow of the sun. Concept of awe and wonder at the beauty of the sun

Total solar eclipse with corona visible, set against dark sky

For one Mexican TV station, it apparently took balls to cover the eclipse.

As reported by TMZ, local Mexican station RCG Media’s live TV coverage of the solar eclipse began without a hitch. However, when the eclipse entered totality, the broadcast cut to a different shot and all of a sudden a pair of testicles dropped into the frame.

Two of the anchors were visibly panicked by the moment when the control room cut back to a live shot of the studio.

BREAKING: Mexican news station RCG Media accidentally shows testicles instead of Solar Eclipse.@GeneralMCNews

— DDG43 (@DDG43USN) April 9, 2024
Twitter: @DDG43USN

RCG Media, who usually stream their daily newscasts on YouTube, have scrubbed the moment from their channel and reuploaded the program without any unidentified dangling objects.

TMZ reports that RCG Media had asked viewers to send in their personal footage of the eclipse, which turned out to be a risky move in hindsight. 

Some people on social media suspect that the dangly pair may have belonged to none other than Tommy Lee. Per TMZ, the Mötley Crüe drummer reportedly uploaded and deleted a similar video of his family jewels dropping into a shot of the eclipse.

As reported by Complex’s Trace William Cowen, Google searches spiked for phrases such as “looked at eclipse,” "hurt eyes,” and “looked at sun” following yesterday’s total solar eclipse. 

How many of those folks also had their retina impacted by RCG Media’s ballsy broadcast remains to be seen. 

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