Seven men have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a 2020 Bronx car dealership shooting that made national headlines because a dad shielded his kids from the gunfire as it went down. 

Six of the suspects—Tahari Pritchard, Dorien Alexander, Daijon Crawford, Aaron Heredia, Zykeith Fearonand, and Akeyle Baker, all between ages 20 and 22—have been charged with attempted murder, according to the New York Post.

A seventh suspect, 22-year-old Hasani John, was arrested in March on two counts each of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Authorities believe the shooting was gang-related. 

Victim Anthony Jefferson, a bystander during the event, was in the On the Road Automotive Group used car dealership on the evening of Sept. 21. He was shopping for a car for his wife when bullets were fired from outside the dealership near the area where he was seated. More gunfire was exchanged inside the dealership.

A viral video showed Jefferson with his three sons, ages six, five, and two, before dropping down to the floor and ducking behind a couch while shielding the boys. He was shot in the thigh.

None of the kids sustained physical injuries.

According to Jefferson’s wife, in the aftermath he also lost his two jobs—one as a painter for a construction company, the other doing demolition work—since getting the bullet out of his leg made surgery necessary. 

A GoFundMe drive created for Jefferson three days after the shooting ended up raising more than $305,000.