A bus was left partially dangling from a highway ramp in New York City after a crash late Thursday night.

The articulated bus, per the Associated Press, went off a bridge in NYC near an interchange of the Cross Bronx and Major Deegan expressways. The front portion of the bus, as seen in widely shared photos and videos from the scene of the accident, was left hanging over a ramp after having its fall broken by the surface of the road below.

The crash happened just after 11 p.m. local time and left the driver of the MTA bus seriously injured. Seven passengers, as of Friday morning, were also confirmed to have been taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries. There were no other vehicles involved in the crash.

"While responding to this incident, I began discussing the information we were receiving, picturing a bus hanging off the edge," FDNY acting battalion chief Steven Moore said in a press release on Thursday night. "We had two scenes here where Rescue 3 began securing the bus up-top while Engine 43 made their way around to begin treatment of the civilian patients. Currently we are making sure all the fuel and other hazardous materials within the vehicle is secured until the bus can be pulled onto the roadway."

FDNY deputy Chief Paul Hopper, meanwhile, added that the bus is believed to have fallen an estimated 50 feet onto an access road. Injuries among the passengers were "consistent with a fall from such a great height."

An MTA rep told the AP on Friday that a full investigation is being conducted.