Georgia teenager is expected to survive after being stabbed during an altercation at Dunkin' Donuts, TMZ reports.

According to Union City police, the dispute started after a customer was upset that the store didn't have a certain type of donut in stock. Employees inside the store claim that the suspect and a woman went through the drive-thru to order food before returning and entering the building. The man then started arguing with a 17-year-old female employee about his order before pulling out a knife. TMZ has video of the altercation here

"They both engaged in a physical dispute between each other and once that happened then he of course pulled out a knife," Union City Police officer, Jerome Turner said per the local Fox affiliate. The teen was then stabbed twice—once in the left forearm and once in the upper arm—by the man. 

Police are still looking for the suspect who fled the scene in a red Audi. Although the victim is okay, Turner claims that this potentially deadly situation could've been avoided if the police were notified earlier.

"We deal with them every day. Allow us to come and address the customer and utilize our training and allow us to deescalate the situation so that it doesn't happen like it did here," he explained before stating that the police need help finding the suspect. 

"We want to identify who the subject is. We just don't want him showing up at another Dunkin' Donuts or any other business or anywhere in public and having the temper where he can make this kind of an assault," Turner added.