Not only are the maskless among us still out there wreaking maskless havoc, but they're also out there getting married during—you guessed it!—largely maskless weddings.

And photographers, unfortunately, are often immediately faced with shockingly stupid circumstances when taking on wedding work in the pandemic era. For a harrowing sample of the fuckery in question, look no further than Emily McCullar's new Texas Monthly piece in which a number of wedding photographers lamented examples of superspreader-centered dumbassery. 

One photographer, as chronicled at the top of the piece, was forced to leave a wedding assignment early when a bridesmaid casually mentioned that the groom had tested positive just one day before the wedding. Another bridesmaid, a teacher, later criticized the photog for not risking her own health. Yet another one didn't seem to understand what the big deal was because "everyone was gong to get [COVID-19] eventually."

Other photographer-provided insight includes recollections of spit having landed on one's face, a man with an oxygen machine who declined to wear a mask, a bridesmaid suggesting a person's wedding day is more important than children's lives, and much more. Seriously, this is an incredible (albeit massively depressing) piece. Read it in full.

Given the relentless shitshow 2020 has been, the thought of largely maskless people at largely maskless weddings continuing to engage in largely maskless acts of self-centered stupidity is a deeply disturbing one. Here's how we cope: