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Vigo County in Indiana has voted for the winner of every presidential election in 60 years, and so far there's no clear victor in the 2020 election.

As of Wednesday afternoon, with only 14 percent of the vote there counted so far, Donald Trump is leading with 4,266 votes over Joe Biden's 1,506 in Vigo County, the New York Times reports. While Trump is maintaining a large lead over Biden right now, the final result is far from known due to how few of the estimated votes have been reported. It could go either way, especially as an Emerson College poll released at the start of the month pointed toward a tie at 48 percent each.

Back in 2016, Trump won Vigo by 14 points, but as the Independent reports, the county has selected the winner of the election every election since 1956. In fact, the county has backed the winning presidential candidate every time since 1888 with only the exceptions of 1908 and 1952. Indiana is Mike Pence's home state, and the home state of new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, though, so the county could lean more toward voting red.

So far, an estimated 84 percent of the vote total in Indiana has been reported with Trump in the lead for the state. Biden has yet to crack over 1 million votes there, although that's expected to change when more votes come in, and Trump is sitting at over 59 percent of the vote with 1.539 million.

As per WTHI-TV 10, the votes in Vigo county have been coming in late because election officials have indicated they've been busy unsealing and counting every early and mail-in ballot. As the results have already taught us, a large majority of Democratic voters voted via early or mail-in ballots rather than in person on Nov. 3. New rules in Indiana stated that the ballots can't be touched until Election Day, meaning it took 13 hours to open and scan the votes.