Vaguely anthropomorphic mayonnaise jars could soon have another place to go for their daily dose of poppycock.

Trump, whose recent activities have almost exclusively centered around his continued attempts to undermine faith in the 2020 election results while showing zero evidence, is said in a new sources-citing report from Axios to be "considering" the launch of a Trumpies-targeting digital media channel in response to his frustrations with Fox News.

While chatter has been in the air for quite some time now regarding the potential for the Trump team to eventually go all-in with a MAGA-ified TV venture, this new report points out that such talk has moved to a more online-friendly approach due to lower overhead. According to their sources, this Trump venture would charge a monthly fee to the usual gullibles.

"He plans to wreck Fox," one source is quoted as saying. "No doubt about it."

There have been several signs as of late that things have soured between the failed steak salesman (and failed second-termer) and the famously Trump-coddling Fox News empire. Earlier this month, for example, Trump went on Fox & Friends to whine about how the network has "changed a lot." Among Trump's collection of complaints was the network's recent habit, at least according to his math, having put "[Obama] on more than anybody else."

And as recently as Thursday, Trump was tweeting obsessively about the network, stating in one double-tagged tweet "They forgot the Golden Goose." He had also frantically retweeted a lot of followers' complaints, as well as shared their suggestions for other similarly Trump-favoring "news" outlets.

Meanwhile, Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch expressed an affinity for "competition" in an earnings call earlier this month.

"We love competition," Murdoch is quoted as saying. "We have always thrived with competition … Fox News has been the number one network, including broadcast networks, … from Labor Day through to Election Day."

Sadly, it's not difficult to imagine Trumpies handing over a monthly subscription fee for some sort of MAGA-centric TV offering. After all, they're already giving money to whatever the fuck this is.