The day before Thanksgiving is a sneaky candidate for the drunkest day of the year. The upcoming holiday, coupled with familial stress and an influx of college kids back from school, leads to a phenomenon sometimes known as "Blackout Wednesday." A squirrel in Minnesota got a jumpstart on the holiday, accidentally getting blotto on some old pears that were left out for it to eat. 

Katy Morlok said she began feeding the squirrels in her backyard as a source of entertainment while she works from home. One bowl of pears had sat out for a little too long, however, leading to a surprise for a squirrel Morlok has named Lil Red. She said she saw the squirrel gradually losing its balance and realized her mistake.

"And then it kind of dawned on me…oh no, those pears were so old I bet they fermented," Morlok told KMSP. "And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears."

Morlok told the news outlet that Lil Red was no worse for wear when she saw him the next day.

"In the morning, he came back for his little hangover breakfast and he’s been fine ever since," she said. 

Morlok is a bit of an old hand when it comes to viral animal videos. Her pet pig named Hamlet attempting to walk down the stairs spread around the internet nearly a decade ago.