It’s been a looooooooong night for Americans. In a way, it feels like the sun hasn’t risen in about four years. 

And with the forecast hanging in the balance of a too-close-to-call U.S. presidential election, the strain is threatening to break some citizens. But fear not, oh politically exhausted neighbours to the South! We the North are here for you! Emotional Support Canadians are standing by. 

The hilarious term started trending on Twitter on Tuesday night as votes for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and current POTUS Donald Trump continued to be tallied in a nail-biting fashion. Twitter user @ItsSamG was the first to offer the service. 

Responders chimed in with helpful suggestions on how to scale the initiative with Canuck celeb power. 

Should we set up a call centre and telethon ?

— 🇨🇦 Dan Reluctantly (@petrklimahelmet) November 3, 2020

Then Canadian Fletchy offered to assign ESCs to anyone in need. The offer obviously resonated because the tweet has over 134,000 likes and 19,000 retweets at the time of writing. 

It’s also garnered plenty of replies from actual U.S. voters who just can’t anymore.  

Even professional therapists approved. 

And, yes, the pets obviously got involved. Emotional support comes natural when you’re lap-sized and covered in fur. 

Many other Canadians stepped up to offer their support in unique ways, too. Like, you know, ketchup chips. 

And rye. 

And Timbits. 

But even with the outpouring of support from our nation, many Americans are still attempting to deal with the stress all by themselves. For them, we can offer only our most genuine export: an apology.