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Amanda Knox—who was initially convicted but later acquitted in the 2007 murder of roommate Meredith Kercher—was among those who came through with an election-themed firestarter of a tweet on Wednesday.

Addressing the undecided nature of the election, which—as expected—has seen Trump attempting to craft a false narrative about voting by mail, Knox said neither outcome would compare to "that four-year study abroad" she did in Italy. This, of course, was a joking reference to the four years Knox (who was studying abroad) spent in prison prior to being acquitted.

And while plenty of people were less-than-thrilled by the joke, which arrived on the same day as a tone-deaf GAP message about unity and other examples of arguably misguided attempts at election commentary, it was the response of the notoriously annoying Piers Morgan who elicited a response from Knox herself. 

After Morgan called Knox a "disgusting piece of work," she offered this:

Knox's story was chronicled in a critically acclaimed 2016 Netflix documentary, which later went on to bag a couple of Emmy nominations.

As for the actually important issue here, the binge of turmoil continued into Wednesday afternoon, although the latest calls—including Wisconsin going to Biden—show signs of hope for an eventual defeat of Trumpism.