In a video that has since gone viral, a woman threatened to sue their neighbor after they placed a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris 2020 sign on their lawn.

The home security footage shows the woman, who will assumedly be named "yard Karen" or "sign Karen" by the end of the week, angrily approach their neighbors house to allege that any lawn signs violate the neighborhoods bylaws.

"I want to show you something," the woman can be heard saying in the clip just after ringing the doorbell. "You get out your neighborhood association bylaws... Section 5.20, no signs shall be in the yard. If you don’t take this Harris-Biden shit down, I will sue you. And I was going to have you sell my house but that’s not going to happen now and you’re going to lose a lot of business because of this crap. You get out your neighborhood association bylaws, section 5.20!"

It's unclear what state the incident happened in, but it's evident that she's not too pleased at the existence of the sign. Assumedly because she's a Trump supporter, or perhaps she's not down with the idea of free speech for anyone but herself. Surprisingly, as she walked away she didn't remove the sign, instead walking straight past it with her fists clenched.