A key existential rite of passage is the moment you truly start to realize where you and the rest of your family differ in terms of social issues and politics at large. If you're lucky, this realization brings about the knowledge that you and those in your family to whom you’re closest have largely complementary stances. For example, perhaps your parents have raised you in a progressive and open-minded environment, meaning it’s now on you to take that sense of future-minded progressivism a step further as part of a new generation.

Many, however, are not so fortunate. And this reality has been made quite apparent in recent years, with 2020—thanks to the pandemic, persistent police brutality, and more—no doubt bringing about new revelations among families across the country.

For the latest episode of Complex World, we take a look at the divide present in many families as 2020 draws to a close. For example, Maggie—a 23-year-old college student from Texas—says she grew up in a "really conservative" family in an already-conservative area.

"My social life was all surrounding my church that I grew up in that three generations of my family have gone to," she tells Complex in the new episode, available up top. "I went to a private classical Christian school where—in fifth and sixth grade during the 2008 election—I literally would hear from my classmates and their parents and sometimes my teachers that Barack Obama was literally the antichrist."

On the more public figure-y end of the spectrum, one need look no further than the recent headlines surrounding Kellyanne Conway and her daughter Claudia.

Watch the latest episode of Complex World above.