In a move that would be swiftly prosecuted in any sane country, a Florida manufacturing CEO sent out a letter warning his employees of layoffs should Donald Trump lose in the upcoming presidential election, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Daniels Manufacturing Company's president George Daniels warned of the potential layoffs in a letter that came along with his employees' recent paystubs. 

The company manufactures tools and components in the aerospace sphere, a sector of the economy that has been notably hard hit in the COVID-19 downturn. Less commercial flights means less demand for tools and parts to work on planes. Daniels argues in the letter that the military contracts keeping the company afloat could dry up under a Democratic president.

"If Trump and the Republicans win the election, DMC will hopefully be able to continue operating, more or less as it has been operating lately," Daniels wrote. "However, if Biden and the Democrats win, DMC could be forced to begin permanent layoffs in late 2020 and/or early 2021."

According to WESH, Daniels has donated over $600,000 — personally and through his company — to the cause of electing Donald Trump and other Republicans. His Orlando-based business boasts a massive Donald Trump flag on the flagpole out front. He issued a statement on the letter, saying that he felt he needed to warn his employees.

"I have been doing this for years," he said. "I have an obligation to let workers know what could happen, based on the outcome of an election. They certainly should vote for the candidate they want."

At least one employee claimed he was quitting over what he viewed as intimidation. Stan Smith told WESH that he's leaving his position over the letter.

"I don't feel like it was correct, to do something like that," Smith said. 

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