A video that shows police arresting a Black passenger after pulling over his white partner in Maryland has sparked outrage and gone viral.

The clips was originally posted to TikTok, and it shows 23-year-old Antoine Wedington pulled out of the car after police claimed the driver, who is Wedinton's white girlfriend Heather Janney, had been speeding. She filmed the whole incident, which started with them asking for Wedington's ID, which he didn't give them. Legally, police can only ask for someone's ID in a public space in Maryland if they have reasonable suspicion someone committed a crime. The officers, despite not getting his ID, claimed they had identified him anyway. 

As he's explaining everything that's happening, he's violently pulled on by two officers as a third tells him he's being arrested. He clamly asks if he can get out of the car himself, but the officers appear to continue pulling on him. Eventually they forcibly pulled him out of the car after he gives his partner a kiss, and they put him in cuffs. Webington indicated that their child was in the car at the time of the incident.

TMZ reports that the Arundel County, Maryland police have claimed that there were two warrants out for Wedington's arrest. Although, since they didn't actually get his ID, that information should be taken with a truckload of salt, especially when considering the stop started with the authorities saying Janney was pulled over for going 45 in a 30 mph zone. Police have yet to explain why they wanted his ID.

As per the Daily Dot, Janney implied in a since-deleted post that Webington is currently still in jail. "There was no reason for that police officer to ask for his identification when I was the one driving," she said in the now-deleted video. "Warrant or no warrant? Even if the police visually identified him to have a warrant…I still believe there was no reason for them to take him away from his family like that."

Janney has said she's seeking legal action. Watch the distressing video above.

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