In yet another instance of people refusing to acknowledge employees in the service industry as humans, a woman has had her racist and homophobic rant at a Starbucks in El Segundo, California uploaded online for the world to see.

TMZ reports that the incident took place last weekend, but the story started when she visited the store a few days prior. She allegedly refused to be respectful to one of the employees at the location, repeatedly calling her "it" despite requests from the staff to not be so rude. When she turned up last weekend, the worker requested the person who filmed the video take her order instead, but she proceeded to call the worker "it" once again. 

When the barista who filmed the video requested that she treat his co-worker with respect, she launched into a racist and homophobic series of insults. She threw out both the n-word and the f-word at him, to which he threatened to call the police. She got particuarly upset after the employee told her "have a good one, thank you," repeating the phrase back at the staff in a shrill voice just as she was setting foot outside the store.

The manager called the police, but law enforcement sources indicate they were told not to come after the woman drove off in her car.

Footage of the incident is embedded below.