Back in July, Megan Thee Stallion—who's spent the past several months being attacked by misogyny-inspired conspiracists following the Tory Lanez shooting incident—shared a tweet in which she pointed out that Black women are widely "unprotected" in society.

Furthermore, Megan told her fans that Black women are forced to hold "so many things" inside in order to protect the feelings of those around them without any care or concern being given regarding their own feelings:

This tweet, as well as the larger message at its core, serves as a jumping-off point of sorts for the latest episode of Complex World featuring Antebellum star Janelle Monáe, The Breakfast Club personality Angela Yee, and senior Joe Biden advisor Symone D. Sanders.

"If we want to lessen the disparities in our society, specifically as it relates to women and men, specifically as we're talking about women of color, Black women, when it comes to the case of Breonna Taylor and all the other folks that have lost their lives in the hands of bad police officers, we have to make sure that we are saying her name," Sanders explained.

For more, catch the full Complex World episode—which also sees Monáe and the other special guests looking ahead to the careers of women who are leading a new charge of political influence—via the video up top.