Hobby Lobby, noted supplier of home decor perhaps best described as egregious ghastliness, has unfortunately become a topic of discussion on this increasingly trash-filled Monday.

Apparently, the eyesore of a retailer is the subject of revived (and rightful) criticism following the sharing of a photo on Twitter in which a selection of letters (notably taken from the aforementioned assortment of egregious ghastliness) are seen arranged to spell out exactly the sort of shit-for-brains message you might expect from any given Hobby Lobby faithful:

Now, to be fair, any calls for boycotting Hobby Lobby at this point are admittedly belated as fuck. The company has a longstanding history of so-called "conservative values," i.e. the descriptor people always offer when taking actions that aim to harm other people under the spineless and mindless guise of religion.

Additionally, the letters in question could just as easily have been (and quite possibly were) assembled in this manner by a customer and not an employee, though it seems highly unlikely top-ranking Hobby Lobby officials would have any problem with Trumpism.

Amid the ensuing talk brought on by the Sunday-shared tweet above, people posted a number of reminders about Hobby Lobby's extended history of bullshit, including its publicly stated stance against the protection of women's health and an infamous smuggled artifacts scandal related to something presumably stupid called "the Museum of the Bible."