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A New York City man was arrested multiple times for defacing a Black Lives Matter mural that is in front of Trump Towers, the Daily Mail reports

Mark-David Hutt was arrested by the New York Police Department on both July 25 and 26 after he was found vandalizing the street mural. On the 25th, Hutt smeared red paint on the street before using white paint to do the same on the 26th. Several people took videos and pictures of the incident.

In the footage, viewers can see that police tried to get Hutt to stop the vandalism but the suspect refused to listen. This forced four police officers to detain Hutt and escort him out of the area. NYPD Detective Denise Moroney says that Hutt was charged with criminal mischief for his actions. 

The arrest and criminal charges didn't seem to sway Hutt. Following his arrest, he reportedly took to Facebook where he threatened to finish his tribute to the American flag by presumably returning to cover the mural in blue paint.

"Saturday, I splashed Red. Sunday, I splashed White. & on Monday," Hutt captioned a video of him being arrested per the Daily Mail

Hutt is a Trump supporter who believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is "no different than the KKK." He's one of eight people to be arrested for vandalizing the mural that's in front of Trump Tower on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue since the message was first revealed on July 9.