Every cat owner knows that a hangry kitten can be relentless. When my cat gets hungry, he wails until something magically appears in his bowl. But one adorable cat from Philadelphia is a little classier than your average feline. According to the New York Post, every time he’s hungry, he plays a song on the piano

The 7-year-old tabby named Winslow was taught to play by his owners to counteract bad behavior. “He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, ‘this is no good,’” owner Kate Nyx told the Post. “The piano is another way to communicate so he’s not screaming bloody murder.”

Winslow will also use the piano whenever his litter tray needs to be changed or to simply express himself. “He uses the piano to express himself in general, for attention, to get his litter scooped,” Nyx said. “It’s his alarm system in general.”

Nyx rescued Winslow at eight weeks old, after she found him abandoned in a back garden. He developed an interest in her tiny piano while he was still a kitten. “He was a rambunctious kitten and he’s transformed into a chaotic gentleman,” she said. “He would play the notes and look underneath trying to find where they were coming from.”

Brb, gotta teach my cat how to play the piano. Check out an adorable video of Winslow performing below.