David Blaine will attempt to float across the Hudson River from New Jersey to New York City while holding onto a bunch of helium-filled balloons later this month in his first large-scale live stunt in nearly a decade, Variety reports.

Blaine has partnered with YouTube for this upcoming event, titled David Blaine Ascension, and shared a teaser trailer on Wednesday, which you can check out up top. YouTube posted an anxiety-inducing promo shot of a man, who could very well be Blaine, clutching onto some gigantic balloons with just one arm.

The sight of someone soaring through the sky with the aid of numerous balloons draws comparisons to the 2009 Disney and Pixar animated film Up. Blaine acknowledged that this stunt has been "10 years in the making" in a statement which suggests that Up could've inspired him to give this a shot.

New York City has served as the backdrop for a few of his previous stunts, including the one in 1999 where he was buried in a box under a water tank, and the time he spent seven days submerged in a water-filled sphere in 2006. 

The livestream of David Blaine Ascension will take place on his YouTube channel on August 31.