Twitter is reportedly considering adding subscription options after its ad revenue dropped sharply.

According to CNN Business, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made comments during an investor's conference call on Thursday.

"You will likely see some tests this year," Dorsey said. Dorsey also said he has "a really high bar for when we would ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter," but clarified that the company is seeking other means to bring in revenue that are in "very, very early phases of exploring."

"We want to make sure any new line of revenue is complementary to our advertising business," Dorsey continued. "We do think there is a world where subscription is complementary, where commerce is complementary, where helping people manage paywalls ... we think is complementary."

No details were provided as to what the subscription model might look like if it does indeed get implemented.

This news comes on the heels of Twitter getting hit with a massive security breach last weekend, with several major celebrities and influencers including Kanye West and Elon Musk having their accounts compromised. During the call on Thursday, Dorsey also apologized for the breach and ensured that users' security is at the forefront of their minds.

"We feel terrible about the security incident," he said. "Security doesn't have an end point. It's a constant iteration ... We will continue to go above and beyond here as we continue to secure our systems and as we continue to work with external firms and law enforcement."

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