The unrest in Seattle continues leading to police arrests of over 40 demonstrators on Saturday, CNN reports

Police say that protesters threw large rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other explosives at officers. 21 officers were injured as the result of projectiles being thrown at them. Most of these officers were able to return to work, but at least one officer was hospitalized due to the violence. 

But their attacks were all directly aimed at the police. Demonstrators also allegedly set a construction site on fire as well as a portable trailer. As a result, the authorities are labeling the protest as a riot. They also arrested at least 45 protesters on charges of assaulting officers, obstruction, and failure to disperse. 

Seattle has become one of the epicenters for people looking to protest against systematic racism and police brutality. Protesters have occupied a six-block area in the city which includes a police precinct that was abandoned by officers. This space is now being called the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Like several protests across the world, the CHOP was sparked by the murder of George Floyd. This has led to a struggle between demonstrators and the police as authorities have been trying to clear the zone. Unfortunately, the conflict has also led to a protester's death

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