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The groom has died and nearly 100 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 following a wedding in Bihar.

The 30-year-old groom, described in a CBS News report as a software engineer who worked in a Delhi suburb, is said to have traveled to his hometown of Paliganj in Bihar in mid-May. Soon after his arrival, he started showing coronavirus symptoms ahead of a June 15 wedding date. 

Regional reports claim that the groom had expressed a desire to push back the wedding due to experiencing virus symptoms, though he was convinced to move ahead to prevent taking a financial loss. He was never tested for the virus. 

Ultimately, more than 350 guests attended the wedding, followed two days later by the groom's death while being transported to the hospital. According to reports, his body was cremated "without informing authorities."

An India Today report confirms that as many as 15 guests who attended the wedding, which marked a breaking of regional guidelines that limit such gatherings to no more than 50 people, had tested positive for coronavirus. And by Monday, at least 80 more people had tested positive for the virus, with many now deeming this to likely be the first instance of "mass spread" in Bihar.

Earlier this week, India opened the Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre, which is now one of the largest hospitals in the world. Per Delhi government officials, the facility boasts 10,000 available beds.

Here in the States, the CDC estimates the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases to be 2.6 million as of Tuesday's data.