Many people around the country are finding it hard to cope with the disheartening events that have filled the first half of 2020. And if recent developments are any indication, the rest of the year holds the potential for additional tragedies. 

For Black Americans, specifically, the stigma and lack of resources connected with mental health assistance have further complicated both the trauma of the current era and the pains of the past. As host Speedy Morman explains in the latest episode of Complex World—which features appearances from G Herbo and Kendrick Sampson—this generation trauma can be considered a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"I thought it was normal to leave my house and be in fear of my life," Herbo, who titled his most recent album PTSD, said.

Later, Herbo spoke on mental health advocacy, as well as his inspiration for the album title.

"It got hard for me, to be honest," Herbo, who added that he was diagnosed with PTSD about two years ago, explained. "A lot of situations, just going through my transition from the streets and dealing with fatherhood and music and trying to really level up. I had to do a lot of maturing as a man."

Catch the full episode, which also includes Sampson's thoughts on the institutions that were built with the specific intention of targeting Black Americans, up top.

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