Thanks to a pop culture movie franchise, enterprising drug smugglers, who came up with a rather innovative way to sneak cocaine across borders, had their operation discovered by authorities.

According to EuroNews, smugglers cut open and stuffed coffee beans with cocaine, sealing them back closed with dark brown tape. Italian police became suspicious of the undertaking after noticing that the name on the packages was the same used by a mafia boss villain (Santino D'Antonio) from John Wick: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

The package had reportedly been addressed to a Florence tobacco shop. Authorities followed the delivery and then arrested the 50-year-old man who had come by to collect it.

Reports state that the beans had been sent from Medellin, Colombia to Malpensa airport in Milan. Those reports added that the 2kg (a little under 4.5 pounds) package had 150g of cocaine powder stuffed into roughly 500 beans

The name of the operation was "Caffe' Scorretto" which means...*looks it up*...Improper Coffee. This alludes to a popular Italian drink, Caffe' corretto (see: corrected coffee), which is espresso with a splash of sambuca.