Few politicians have used their social media accounts quite like President Donald Trump. Although his polarizing presence on Twitter has amassed him a vast following and generated a lot of attention, Trump may be done with the website once he leaves office. 

"I don’t know if I’ll ever use it again," the president said during a recent interview with the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. Portnoy went on to ask Trump when he would be terminating his account and the president replied "once it’s over."

Even before he was the president, Trump has used his Twitter to attack those on the opposite sides of issues. Most famously, he used his account to further the "Birther Movement" and demand Barack Obama show proof that he was born in the United States. Trump has also retweeted several white nationalists. He thinks the retweets create the most "trouble" on the site. 

"It's not the tweets, it's the retweets that get you in trouble," Trump said. "You see something that looks good and you don't investigate it and you don't look at what's on the helmet exactly which is in miniature and you blow it up. ... But I have found that most times it's the retweets that get you in trouble."

Despite claiming that he's ready to step away from the platform, Trump is still using Twitter to generate fearmongering hyperbole about his opposition. On Saturday, Trump questioned by the Democrats are trying to dismantle his controversial "travel ban" bill. He then compared the party to the ongoing political crisis that is happening in Venezuela. 

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