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The time to pump some iron again is almost here. Today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that gyms in the UK will be able to reopen in a "couple of weeks".

In an interview with LBC Radio this morning, Johnson said that the government is doing all they can to get gym back open. "I think that the date for reopening gyms, at the moment, if we can do it, is in just a couple of weeks' time," he said.

This news has come after pubs, bars, hairdressers, barbers and other hospitality services were given the green light to reopen from tomorrow (July 4). Johnson also stated that he wants to get cinemas open as "fast as we possibly can".

News of gyms reopening also comes after radio host Nick Ferrari demanded an explanation from the PM as to why some parts of the economy are able to reopen and others are not. In response, Johnson said: "The best way forward for the country is to get the economy moving again. We want to get every part of our industry, including theatres, that are so vital."

Some more positive news on the road back to normality, although a close eye will have to be kept on the PM to see if he turns his promises into reality.