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Following the recent Black Lives Matter protests throughout the globe and the solidarity that's been shown in the fight against racism, you would expect most country leaders to stand up with the same solidarity.

However, UK prime minister Boris Johnson has said that he won't be "bullied" into taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement that strives for equality. Johnson's reasoning for this is because he "doesn't believe in gestures".

"I don't believe in gestures — I believe in substance," Johnson said when speaking on LBC radio this morning. The PM said this after discussions were raised surrounding Labour Party leader Keir Starmer being pictured taking a knee back in June in support of the Black Lives Matter movement — which was energised worldwide after the police murder of George Floyd. However, Johnson said that he doesn't want "people being bullied into things they don't necessarily want to do." He also said that it is wrong for some police officers to have taken a knee during recent protests.

After the controversy was raised surrounding the comments about taking a knee, more questions have been raised over the fact that Johnson has not appointed any black people into his cabinet. The only black member on his senior team ever was removed after last year's general election.