As an announcement regarding his 2020 campaign VP selection draws closer, Joe Biden was spotted with handwritten notes referencing Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday.

Per the Associated Press, Biden's notes were photographed during an event in which he took questions from reporters, with no inquiries ultimately being brought regarding Harris. The notes, seen below, show Harris' name at the top with a list of presumed talking points outlined beneath it, including "Do not hold grudges" and "Great help to campaign."

The photo, which was still circulating widely early Wednesday, comes amid continued speculation that Harris is the top contender to become Biden's potential VP. And while it's well-documented that Harris has been critical of Biden in the past, she's recently joined him in online fundraisers and even headlined a Biden event in North Carolina. 

Also on Wednesday, the Hill ran a report on the status of the Biden team's VP selection process, stating that the vetting part of the process is finished and "many of the interviews" have been completed. According to Biden himself, a public announcement should come in early August.

In the middle of Harris-centered speculation, Politico shared a statement in response to the publication of a since-pulled report claiming that Harris had been formally selected for the VP spot. According to a rep for the site, the report was the result of "placeholder text" being published in error.

"We regret the error and any confusion that it caused," the rep added.

Earlier this month, Biden released a 15-minute conversation with former POTUS Barack Obama that saw the two discussing a number of 2020 issues including the current administration's failed pandemic response and the nationwide protests in support of social justice.

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