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Apple executives aren't expecting a return to normalcy before 2021.

In a video shared with Apple retail workers this month, per Bloomberg, the Cupertino-based company provided an update on how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting operations. The company also announced plans to ship virus testing kits to the homes of employees who are working from home.

"This is not the experience that we want to have for our customers," Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of retail and people, said in the video. "So we really want to make sure that we are moving to where our customers are, to help them during this very challenging time. As you know people are really dependent upon their devices, especially right now."

As for the tests, they'll be given to both retail and corporate employees working remotely. The tests, according to Apple, will be shipped to employees who can then send them off to a testing site for results. 

Like many businesses in the U.S., Apple reopened multiple stores only to later close them again as the virus continued to up its numbers across several states.

Florida, in particular, has taken a hard hit in recent days as many politicians and residents continue to push for a widespread reopening despite data showing that is very much an awful idea indeed. As reported earlier Tuesday, Miami is now considered by health experts to be the new "epicenter" of the virus.

Still, far too many in Florida and beyond continue peddling a nonsensical anti-mask rhetoric. Do better.