Over half a million New Yorkers are served by public housing in Section 8 programs. Still, over the past two decades, federal public housing repair funding has plummeted to half the amount that was approved back in 2000.

In the latest episode of Complex World, host Speedy Morman digs into the issues that plague the New York City Housing Authority, which represents the childhood home of a number of artists including Jay-Z and Mos Def. As Morman explains, if the NYCHA were a city, it would best a number of others—including Sacramento, Atlanta, and Miami—in size.

Morman is joined in the new Complex World by artist ilham, who was born and raised in Queensbridge.

"Everybody in Queensbridge has a dream and nobody is really afraid to dream big," ilham, who famously called out NYCHA conditions in a viral tweet last December, explains. "When you grow up with nothing, you're already at the bottom. So there's nothing but the top."

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A recent source of controversy is a temporary evictions moratorium from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which a group of landlords attempted to block with a lawsuit in federal court. A judge ruled this week, however, that the group of Westchester County landlords cannot sue.

Cuomo's order, per the New York Law Journal, "built on" a similar measure circa March of this year that blocked all commercial and residential evictions through June but did not cancel rent payments outright. The new order extended the original moratorium for an additional two months for those who qualify for unemployment or were unable to pay rent due to COVID-19.