Authorities in Holly, Michigan have arrested a gross 68-year-old man after he allegedly wiped his face on a Dollar Tree employee's shirt because he was told he needed to be wearing a mask in the store. Here's footage of that incident prior to him being identified. We're still going to keep allegedly in that lede, but you do what you want:

He has since been identified as Rex Howard Gomoll, and he faces misdemeanor charges of assault and battery.

Jerry Narsh, the local police chief, said Gomoll walked into the building around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday without a mask even though a state order was given that you have to don one if you are in a store. He was told he needed to wear a mask if he wanted to stay, and that is when he is reported to have said, "Here, I'll just use this as a mask" prior to wiping down his face.

Narsh added that the senior citizen left behind "bodily fluids," and that he was loud and just a general pain in the ass prior to exiting the store.  

While highly obnoxious, Gomoll's transgressions pale in comparison to an incident that happened a day earlier at another one of the state's Dollar Trees, in which a security guard was fatally shot after approaching a patron and asking her to cover her face. Three people—a husband and wife and their adult son—have been charged.