UPDATE 5/15 12:44 p.m. ET: Mr. @fckjoshy has now shared a video titled "I'm Sorry" in which he accurately refers to himself as a "fucking idiot."

See original story from 5/14 below.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has addressed footage of a cereal prank you may have seen on TikTok in recent days, calling the failed attempt at a joke "despicable."

The clip in question is from @fckjoshy, and sees a swath of milk-soaked cereal being spilled inside a moving subway car. As an MTA rep said in a wholly accurate tweeted statement on Wednesday, this represents "a new low," particularly during what has been an inarguably trying time for essential workers.

And this doesn't mark the first similarly doofus-y stunt from the TikTok prank enthusiast. As someone pointed out in the replies to the MTA tweet, he previously mocked appropriate mask practices by rocking one with a makeshift mouth hole:

The original TikTok upload of the cereal prank unfortunately bagged hundreds of thousands of likes, though—as the New York Post and others pointed out—it received a much different reaction once it crossed over to Twitter: