In a video that has since gone viral, a monkey in Indonesia can be seen attempting to kidnap a small child after riding up on a tiny motorcycle. While those words might seem like they shouldn't be strung together to form a sentence, the clip has already proved the failed child heist actually took place. The video has since garnered millions of views across social media.

In the video, the monkey can be seen driving towards a family sitting on a bench in an alleyway before ditching its very small motorcycle to drag the child away by her arm. Fortunately for the family, the monkey didn't get too far, decided to ditch the child and run away. It should be warned, however, that the clip is somewhat disturbing, especially when the child begins to scream. Some adults nearby scared off the monkey, and the child appears to be unharmed.

As TMZ reports, the person who shot the video spoke to a local news outlet and said that the ownership of monkeys is actually illegal in Indonesia. It's possible the monkey was a domesticated pet and had been trained on how to use the bike, as it's reportedly quite common for people to own the monkeys anyway. Macaques in East Java, Indonesia have made headlines in the past for performing "shows" as part of traditional street festivities, although they have since been banned across most of the country.

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