Noting that "hunger doesn't take a pause," House Democrats have unveiled their plan for another round of COVID-19 relief legislation.

"To those who would suggest a pause [in relief funds], I'll say the hunger doesn't take a pause, the rent doesn't take a pause, the hardship doesn't take a pause . . . We have a big need," Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday night during an MSNBC interview. "It's monumental, and therefore it's a great opportunity to say 'Let's work together to get this done.' There's a way to open the economy based on science."

The proposed $3 trillion relief package boasts a second round of  payments of $1200 per person, nearly $1 trillion in state and local government relief, roughly $200 billion for hazard pay for essential workers, $75 billion for COVID-19 testing and contract tracing, $175 billion in rent and mortgage assistance, an extension of the $600 weekly unemployment insurance benefit through January, and more.

A vote in the House is expected Friday, though getting the plan through the Senate will prove difficult due to Republicans' united hesitance to move forward with additional relief funds. Republican leaders have maintained that line of thinking despite the currently daunting unemployment numbers spurred by the virus.

While the latest proposed relief package is certainly commendable, perhaps we would all be better served if the proposals of other Democratic leaders like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders received the same push from the party. Harris and top co-sponsor Sanders introduced a bill earlier this month that would provide $2,000 emergency monthly payments to those making up to $100,000 per year.

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