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Mayor Keisha Bottoms isn't too pleased with some Atlanta residents after hundreds of people decided to ignore social distancing orders and attend a massive house party. 

According to TMZ, Atlanta police investigated several noise complaints surrounding a mansion over Memorial Day weekend. More than 800 people were reportedly in attendance at the event, which was promoted as a "private, topless mansion party." From videos of the occasion, it's clear that coronavirus concerns weren't taken into consideration as it was packed from wall to wall. The party featured several topless dancers who were being showered with money. It doesn't appear that anyone was arrested, although police ticketed dozens of cars that were parked illegally. 

The event caught Mayor Bottoms' attention, with a spokesperson telling TMZ she is "extremely disappointed." Yet she finds comfort in knowing most people in the city are following social distancing orders.

"While the Mayor is extremely disappointed to see these isolated events, she is encouraged by the vast majority of Atlantans who value their lives and the lives of others enough to practice social distancing and use some common sense," the spokesperson said. 

TMZ reports that the owner of the residence also owns and operates several strip clubs in the area.