The current UK lockdown has caused all of us to miss our friends and loved ones we've been separated from. Missing out on social interactions that we've all took for granted has caused loneliness and, well, just a feeling of being fed-up. But there may me a light at the end of the tunnel.

In an attempt to bring back some sort of normality to the UK, a new drive-in cinema experience has been created by @TheDriveIn, with 11 major cities being blessed with a location for drivers to pull up and kick back.

Films, stand-up comedy and silent car discos are being made available, all through the power of radio. At the drive-in locations, there's a top-of-the-range LED screen, a food delivery app serving American-styled dishes.

This much-needed bit of entertainment will cost £35 per car. Tickets go on sale from May 27, and will run from July 2 to September 27. If you're afraid of missing out on tickets, you also have the chance to sign up for the pre-sale tickets through the @TheDriveIn website. 10 free tickets are also ready for NHS and care workers as a thanks for all their hard work.

Below is a full list of locations and dates:

London, South: 2 – 5 July
Birmingham: 9 – 12 July
Manchester: 16 – 19 July
Newcastle: 23 – 26 July
Edinburgh: 30 July – 2 August
Glasgow: 6 – 9 August
Liverpool: 13 – 16 August
Cardiff: 20 – 23 August
Bristol: 27 – 30 August
Southampton: 3 – 6 September
Brighton: 10 – 13 September
London, East: 17 – 20 September

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