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In what is perhaps an attempt to keep the dollars coming in despite literally hundreds of coronavirus-induced closures, Waffle House announced that its selling bags of Sweet Cream Waffle Mix to the general public. Even if you have just extremely basic cooking skills, you can still attain the beloved chain's-quality, pandemic or no pandemic.

The company made those announcements from its Twitter account on Wednesday morning and then, a little over three hours later, an announcement was made that it had sold out of that mix. Thank goodness the Waffleopoly board is still available

If there's a silver lining, it's that a restock is coming. But apparently it's on Nintendo Switch time:

As for prices, a three-pack of waffle mix was going for $20. The Waffle House website states that each bag can produce enough batter for five or six waffles. If you need more good news while you wait, know that the instructions are easy as shit, and the only other ingredients required are an egg and two cups of half-and-half. 

We aren't privy to the restaurant's corporate strategy, so we're unsure if this qualifies as desperate times, desperate measures, or the combination of the two (going to say that it probably is). However, the chain, which never closes, recently did a complete shutdown of more than 400 restaurants because of the coronavirus. At the moment, they still have 1,500+ locations open and are dispensing carryout accordingly.

For those who may have interest, the chain is also offering groceries. Prices are conveniently listed, so pay heed if you're A.) Short on food, and B.) Live by a Waffle House:

If you've ventured out to the grocery store lately you know that the egg deal is a damn bargain. Make space.