With all that's going preposterously wrong in the world these days, it's good to know that—at the very least—the pandas are fucking.

Indeed, as BuzzFeed News alerted the world on Monday with abject glee, two giant pandas—which are "notoriously" not skilled at breeding in captivity—have successfully engaged in some natural mating at a Hong Kong zoo.

"If successful, signs of pregnancy, including hormonal level fluctuations and behavioral changes may be observed as early as late June, though there is always a chance that Ying Ying could experience a pseudo-pregnancy," Michael Boos, executive director of zoological operation and conservation at Ocean Park, said of the coitus of Ying Ying and Le Le, both of whom are 14 years old.

The moment marks the first successful example of such a thing since the two pandas began giving natural mating a shot 10 years ago. For giant pandas, the gestation period can range between 72 and 324 days, while confirmation of pregnancy can be detected via ultrasound an estimated 14-17 days prior to birth.

The park in question, of course, has been closed to the public since late January due to COVID-19 containment efforts.

If you're a human and plan on engaging (and/or continuing to engage) in similar activities, please keep that shit safe.