Not that anyone needed such news today, but one of the personalities associated with the faux social media challenge in which toilets are being defiantly licked in the name of COVID-19 has now claimed to have been diagnosed with the virus.

Larz, a.k.a. @gayshawnmendes on Twitter, said in a recent tweet that he "tested positive for coronavirus." Per a preposterously dead-serious report from People, Larz—who also shared purported hospital footage—has since had his Twitter account suspended. It's not been made clear exactly why the account was suspended, be it toilet matters or another issue entirely.

As previously reported, the lick-a-toilet fuckery hit the public discourse thanks in large part to fellow social media personality Ava Louise. For what it's worth, both Ava and Larz have made appearances on Dr. Phil. 

Infamously, when the initial toilet wave started taking hold via melodramatic headlines, Ava posited it all as a publicity stunt brushing up against performance art in the name of owning an older generation of "idiots who ruined our country, our economy, and raised clout-chasing idiots like me."

And in a tweet on Wednesday, Ava suggested Larz's diagnosis had been faked, though it's admittedly difficult to accurately decipher what actually went down here:

What a time to be alive.