An apparent prank effort by the Russian YouTube channel Vovan222prank has resulted in Prince Harry breaking from royal tradition by speaking out against the climate change attitude favored by Trump, as well as Prince Andrew’s relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

As detailed in a Guardian report filed on Wednesday, Harry—who recently made waves by resigning from his royal family distinction—was pranked by way of Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov as they pretended to be climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father Svante.

The comments were reportedly given across two separate phone conversations on New Year's Eve and Jan. 22 between the prank duo and Harry, who was at his rented Vancouver Island residence at the time. 

While a spokesperson declined to give any comment regarding reports of the prank’s resulting commentary from Harry on a variety of topics, a lengthier report from tabloid-minded outlet The Sun gives an extended rundown on what is said to have happened, all of which—it's worth mentioning again—reportedly came about under the false pretense that Harry was speaking with Thunberg and her father.

"The mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry is so big in America, he has blood on his hands," Harry is reported as having said when discussing Trump's general idiocy toward matters of climate change. 'But Trump will want to meet you to make him look better but he won't want to have a discussion about climate change with you because you will outsmart him."

Addressing the Andrew controversy, Harry simply asserted some distance between himself and the recently controversial royal family member.

"I have very little to say on that," he reportedly said. "But whatever he has done or hasn't done, is completely separate from me and my wife [Meghan Markle] . . . And so we are completely separate from the majority of my family."

Harry is also reported to have discussed the private jet conundrum, climate change in general, elections, Boris Johnson, the royal split, and more. Read excerpts here.